This is my first blog post

This is the first blog post that I’m doing in my WordPress 101 workshop.

Image by Christian Holmér

This is a heading!

iOS has proven some of the appeal of on-demand interactive artwork and audiovisual toys. But even the iPad is limited to a 10″ screen; these days, the biggest screen in the house that isn’t a TV is often attached to a computer. (In fact, I regularly run across people who use a large computer monitor as their TV.)

App stores are, indeed, spreading like a virus; on Create Digital Music, we contend with some of the challenges posed by Apple’s upcoming Mac App Store. The major obstacle: far from simplifying access to applications, a proliferation of different stores threatens to make things more complex for users and developers alike.

From CreateDigitalMotion.


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Open Sauce: WordPress workshop 27th October 2010

Welcome to Open Sauce: WordPress. The things you’ll need to get started are listed on the Open Sauce: WordPress page!

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UQ Workshops – 23rd September

Welcome UQ students. Today’s classes will involve both WordPress and some video production. To get started, check out the Open Sauce: WordPress page.

You’ll need a account, and a YouTube account.

If you’d like to do advanced things with YouTube embeds, a list of the available URL parameters can be found on YouTube’s Embedded Player Parameters page.

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First WordPress101 Workshop this Afternoon 4-6PM

My first WordPress 101 workshop will be running at The Edge from 4-6PM this afternoon, 12th May. It will also be webcast from The Edge website for anyone who can’t physically attend. (Hi Mum).

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WordPress 101 at The Edge

This previously empty shell of a account will now be used for Jaymis’ “Open Sauce: WordPress” workshops at The Edge.

Workshops will be running on the 12th of May and 9th of June, 2010.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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